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An encouragement, a challenge, an inspiration, a creative outlet, a coffee table decoration. This magazine can be all of this and more. I was looking for a way to encourage and give back to those who support my ministry. A calender seemed too boring and then God gave me an idea: a magazine. A booklet filled with personal stories, photography, music, God's word and a challenge, all printed on some quality paper.

As this magazine is printed in small quantities with a high quality paper, printing costs are about 8€, not including shipping. So I suggest a donation of about 15€ or 20USD.


Once a year

There will be a new magazine every year with different stories from my experience in Africa. In 12 chapters, one chapter per month, it will guide you through the year.


Every month starts off with a picture I’ve taken, which more or less relates to the monthly topic. You can also use this page as kind of a calendar or canvas by hanging the magazine to your wall.



On the left page, you will find a short text or story that speaks about this month’s topic. I'm not a huge writer, but I wanna share what I've learned, experienced and seen from God.


The Song of the Month refers back to the text and topic and may speak to you in a different way. You can either look it up as the title and the artist are named or scan the QR code which will direct you to the corresponding Youtube-video.



The Challengegives you an idea on how to react to what you’ve read, seen and listened to. Here you can get practical and put things into practice. On the last two pages you will find some space to take notes and write down, what has become important to you.

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