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Leave your Comfort Zone!

Heey, God is good! This trip has been an absolute blessing and a testimony of God’s grace and provision! I’m beyond gratefulness. Keep reading to see what He has done in and for me. Watch the following video to see specifically what I’ve been up to.

Leaving my Comfort Zone

Leaving Phoenix was really tough for me. I’ve grown so close to this family and have been blessed and refreshed in my faith more than the past years. Sitting at the airport, I read this passage of my bible reading plan in Mark 8.

Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. [Mark 8:34-35, NIV]

This really hit me. God doesn’t want me to live in a warm, comfy, easy spot here on earth. That’s not my (and neither your) calling. I’m called to take my cross upon me, deny myself and loose my life for His sake. Phoenix has been a blessing and we need these places from time to time, absolutely! But I’m called to share God’s story with me, share of my faith and encourage others. This mindset has helped me to get over this time of grieve. Looking back on these past two weeks, I could totally see how God has proved this to be true.

Phoenix, AZ

My time in Phoenix has been an absolute blessing, as I said earlier. My faith has been strengthened and I can see more clearly that God calls me to live in an English speaking environment. English touches my heart in another level. It was great to catch up with my good friends Connor & Alex, whom I haven’t seen in over 4 years and who drove out all the way from California. We had a blast of a time, did some hikes, went out for dinner and visited Sedona! (Again: watch the video!) But not only was I refreshed, but I was also able to encourage others by sharing what God has been doing in me. Also, my magazine has been encouraging and inspiring to so many. Grateful for what God’s been doing!

Houston, TX

At first, I was not really happy to be here, because I missed Phoenix a lot. But God has blessed this time so much! I was staying with Israel and his family, whom I barely knew, meeting him once in Germany. During the four days I stayed there, I was able to get to know some of his friends, encouraging each other and hanging out. I was also able to share my story in two small groups of Faith Bible Church, which has been such a blessing! Had amazing conversations and received a super generous donation. God is providing and totally wanted me to come here!

Ravencrest, CO

Ravencrest is one of the Torchbearer Bible Schools, as is Capernwray Australia, the one I went to. Two of my friends from Australia, Olivia & Josh, work there and so I met up with them. Again, such an amazing time, getting to know staff and students and being able to encourage each other. I was able to share my testimony in front of a group of students and also talk to a couple of them. Amazing to see what God has been doing in their lives! We also did a lot of fun stuff, like back country snowboarding, hiking, playing games and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains. Huge blessing!

What’s next?

I just arrived in Wisconsin. Super excited for this time here! From here I’ll be traveling to California, Tennessee and North Carolina. It’s only 2.5 weeks from now on … But again, this trip has been a huge blessing. I’m beyond gratefulness!

God bless you,



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Pray for:


- For the rains that have finally started! It has been a great refreshment.

- For a very good, though short break in Kenya.


- For more rain. The fields have been prepared and need rain. Pray for continuous rains, that the sorghum would grow and people will get a good harvest.

- For the video projects that God would lead and guide us to bring glory to Him.

- For the family who has lost a daughter, a mother and a friend. For the little girls who have lost their mother. For comfort, hope and perspective in this hard time!

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