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Updated: Jan 31

Happy new year you guys! I hope you had a great start with family and friends or however you’ve celebrated. Right away I have a surprise for you this year: I’m publishing my first magazine!!

New year, new goals?

All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. (John 6,37, NIV)

With a new year, there’s always some new expectations. What do you expect from this year? Do you even have goals for 2022? As these past years have been super disappointing for many of us, I can totally understand, if you don’t have hopes for this upcoming year.

I have no idea, where you are with God. Whether you know him and you’d say He’s your life or if you don’t believe in his existence and you don’t want anything religious in your life. One thing I can tell you from God’s word, the Bible: You’re not gonna be disappointed! I mean if you expect everything that everything is gonna be alright when you’re a Christian, then you will be let down, one hundred percent. Why is that? Because God has never promised us that it’ll be like that. On the contrary quite the opposite is true: As Christians we will experience hardship and go through difficulties.

But we will not be disappointed in one thing: If we search for God and come to him, He will not drive you away, but receive you with open arms. He will comfort you, walk with you through life and wants to be a part of it. Maybe 2022 can be a year to make steps towards God. If it’s another fresh start or your first time ever. One thing’s for sure: You will not be disappointed!

A Magazine?

I was thinking a long time about a little something to thank you for all your support. Most of you already have at least one calendar in your apartment. And so I came across the insane idea of designing my own magazine.

What’s it about?

This magazine will be published yearly and shall come along side you during the year. There’s a chapter per month with a monthly topic. The magazine is filled with stories, photos, bible verses, songs and challenges. In this first issue you will get a deeper inside into my life and get to know pretty well. You will find stories and themes, things that have challenged, concerned and inspired me in my life to this point. In the upcoming years, I will then share some stories with you of my time in Africa.

Every month starts with a cover picture, which is somehow connected to the monthly theme. If you would want to, you could also use these pages as sort of a calendar or canvas by just simply hanging the magazine to your wall.

On the next page you will find a story that will introduce you to the topic. Then there’s a mosaic on the right hand side, which is a wild mixture of photos, bible verses or quotes that can inspire you additionally. There you will also find the song of the month, which also picks up this theme. Maybe you’re like me and music speaks to you more deeply and in another way.

And then there’s also the challenge of the month. This is a way to react to what you have read, seen or listened to. Here you can get proactive and implement something into your life or try out some new things.

How do I get this magazine?

If you already support me monthly via donation, I will send you one of these for free, as you’re the ones making this whole thing even possible in the first place.

If you do not support me monthly, you can get one for a donation of about 15 € (about 18 USD). With that you’ll be supporting my work and also pay for the printing costs of about 8 €.

If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, then just send me a message and I will make sure that to send you a copy, wherever you are in the world. By the way, this magazine is available in German as well as in English:)

I really hope that this magazine can be an encouragement for you and will be able to guide you throughout the year of 2022. Also, I would to get your feedback - so if you have any suggestions or improvement, then please reach out to me:)

With that being said, I wish you a great start into this new year. God bless you!


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Pray for:


- For an amazing training. I get to learn a lot and develop a heart for Africa. Such a beautiful continent, so many things to discover.

- For amazing friendships, great conversations and role models in faith. For a really good time going with me to South Sudan.


- For a blessed farewell. It’s really hard for me to say goodbye and continue these friendships online. Pray for much strength.

- For a good start in South Sudan in 3 weeks. That we will arrive well and that everything goes smoothly. That we will be welcomed nicely and settle in quickly.