What is an artist without his artwork, a chef without his menu or a farmer without his produce? With this gallery you get a little glimpse of my photography. Projects I've worked on, stories I told and memories I preserved.

May 2022

Wedding Film - Teaser

This has been one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to. It was just the perfect day and I'm super grateful that I was asked to capture it.

May 2022

Spring missions Event

Every year, DMG hosts three main mission events. This Spring was the first official one after Covid and it was a party. Over 700 people came and heard about mission and how they can be part of it themselves.

Apr 2022

Wedding Photography

A day before, we had pouring rain, a thunder storm and a blizzard. But then on the wedding day, it was pure sunshine. God is faithful and good. It was such an amazing day!

Mar 2022

Missions Weekend Rosbach

Every year Rosbach celebrates a missions event among different churches in the area. I was invited to speak in youth groups and run kids programs. On Sunday I took some photos.

Mar 2022

Different Photoshoots

This past month I was able to photograph some amazing friends of mine. Here's a little glimpse of it.

Feb 2022

Wedding Photography

Woohoo, my first wedding in 2022. It was such a beautiful day! God has blessed it so much. So many cultures celebrated together, it was just amazing!

Feb 2022

Traveling the US

For five weeks I was able to travel the US, share about my missions work and build up my support community. It's been such a blessing.

Dec 2021

Connexion Youth Service

This youth service is what brought me to church initially and also into videography. Here I took my first ever videos. Here's a little trailer of this event.

Nov 2021

Nature Photography

In two little sessions I went out into the nature to take some nature shots. It was so much fun and made me aware of all the little details of God's creation.