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Fresh Start

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

My preparation seminary is almost over now. How this preparation time was, what we've learned, what I will be doing now and when I will fly out. You'll find all that in this video below or just by reading this blog post.

Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar. // Isaiah 33:17

This has become my missions verse. On one side I will be seeing the King (God) and his work in all his glory and beauty. On the other hand will I be traveling through a land that stretches afar and that’s unknown to me yet. ‘Your eyes’ is also a symbol for my job as I will help people to see God’s work in Africa through photos and videos.

Good Start

It's been almost 2 months since my last update ... I feel really bad. It's been a crazy August / September with barely any free time. End of August I handed in my bachelor thesis and said good bye to my colleagues at work. It wasn't easy, but we're staying in contact and that's been really good. September 1st I came to Buchenauerhof, the missions base of DMG to attend my preparation seminary. Immediately I felt home. It’s a beautiful place with amazing people, just like a family. We’re 9 new missionaries from 6 countries. That makes it challenging, yes, but more likely beautiful, colorful and so much fun! We learn a lot from each other.

A day in my life

_06:30. Usually that’s when I get up, make myself ready, have breakfast and have a short quiet time.

_08:00. All the staff meet together for a short devotional. We as new missionaries have to prepare 2 devotionals. The first one was my testimony and my second one was about ‘Finding rest’ (Mark 1:35).

_08:30. We split into small groups and pray for our missionaries. So every missionaries puts in prayer requests and we pray for every missionary once a week. So encouraging!! In general, I love how much priority lies on prayer at DMG. It has such a power!

_09:30. Our first lecture goes until lunch time. We learn about administrative stuff, writing newsletters, financials, cultures and other believes. Last week was really challenging, hearing Islam, Animism, Occultism and Catholicism. But you also grow in your faith in these times.

_12:30. Lunch break! In the cafeteria we get a delicious fresh cooked meal every day. It’s also a good point to get to know the staff a little better.

_14:00. The second lecture goes until 17:00.

_Evening. The evenings are mostly free, which means we can work on our assignments, devotionals and other duties. For me that’s often editing photos/videos, designing my prayer cards and staying in contact with all of you.

_Tuesday = Workday. Every Tuesday we help on the property: cleaning, setting things up and general maintenance. My personal highlight was driving a tractor. So much fun!! It’s good to do physical labour when you sit in a room all day.

_Prayer Evening. Every Wednesday evening we gather together to pray for a specific country or people group. Missionaries give you a quick presentation and then we split into smaller groups to pray. I prepared a prayer evening about South Sudan, as that country is really on my heart. Again, amazing to see how much priority prayer has here!

Other Highlights

As Buchenauerhof is the home base for the missionaries of DMG, from time to time they stop by or even live here. It’s such a blessing to get to know them and learn from their experience, especially if they know the country and culture where you’re going to. Through their stories and experience I have learned and been shaped a lot and also encouraged for my ministry among Africans. Yes there’s uncertainties and dangers, but God is above it all and he will provide.

Another highlight were the 2 events (youth missions event, fall missions event) in the end of September. Over 800 people came in these 2 days and we were able to share about mission and encourage them in their day to day life. For example we did a flashmob in Sinsheim and drew a big cross on the street to talk to people about Jesus.

What's next?

My seminary ends in the end of Oktober and so I will start my travel service (home assignment) in November. That means I’ll be visiting churches, youth groups, small groups and friends to share about my work and so build up a support group. Not only financial support, but also in prayer and through encouraging messages. In January I will be going to the US to visit my supporters there and so I’m planning to go to AZ, ID, CO, WI and NC. If you’re around one of these areas, just let me know. I’d love to meet you. If you want me to come to your church, small group and so on, just let me know and I’ll come by.

Currently it’s still not sure where I’ll be going, everything leads to South Sudan or Uganda. I’m hopefully be able to fly out mid next year.

Thank you so much for your support, either financially, by prayer or through your messages. I'm super grateful for it! God bless you and onto the next one.

See ya', Matze.


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Wow, thanks Matze for these honest and interesting narrations. I am really inspired by you, not only your by your photo- and videographical competences but also by you unbreakable and heart warming faith. Thanks o much for having you!


Thanks heaps, Ben! 😊

210907selfportrait 1_edited.jpg

Stay updated!

Pray for:


- For progress with the video projects. That I got most of the filming done already.

- For more rains. They have helped the people here immensely! We give thanks to our Lord!

- For God’s protection, day by day!


- For comfort for those who have lost their loved ones. That the gospel—the only real hope—would touch people’s hearts and lead them to repentance!

- For a good farewell here in South Sudan and wisdom for planning our future—there is so much to do!

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