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Incredibly Blessed

After five weeks in the US, I made it back home to Germany and I‘m so impressed by what God has done in the States. Continue reading to hear more about it and please watch this weeks video as it shows a lot of what I‘ve been up to.

God‘s at work

And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified. [Romans 8:30, NIV]

God has been there from the beginning every step of the way. Before you‘ve been born, God knew about you and has predestined you. When you were born, one day, he called you to follow him. Maybe you haven’t heard his call yet. When you believe, God has justified you, he has freed you from sin. And he also glorified you, already by giving you the Holy Spirit living in you. Not full glorification, but a glimpse of what it’ll be one day. For me this is just amazing. God cares so much about every single one of us!

Milwaukee, WI

Here I met up with one of my best friends, Sara, and her family. We got to spend a lot of time together, played games, had amazing food and just shared life. I was able to share about my missions work and was so encouraged by their hospitality and support. Highlights: NBA game and Tubing.

Santa Barbara, CA

Had the best birthday ever! We went to the beach, had Mexican food, cake, a games night and went to the hot tub. Initially I wasn’t able to share about my work. But God had it all planned out already! At church I met Georg, whose parents were from Germany. So we started chatting and he invited me to his small group. At the small group, I was able to share and they were all really supportive and prayed for me. There was also a women who has worked in South Sudan for a year. God is awesome! We had great conversations and again, I was just blown away by God‘s amazing plan! Other than that I got to spend time with amazing people, was hiking, kayaking and went skimboarding. So grateful!

Chattanooga, TN

Was able to meet up with a good friend who was staff at the Bible school in Australia. But mainly I got to spend time with amazing people, the parents of a good friend, who support my ministry. We drove down to Huntsville, Alabama to their other daughter and had a great time. Great conversations, watched basketball, had amazing food and played games. Really thankful to know them.

Charlotte, NC

The home of an amazing family! Ryan, the father, was my mentor in Australia which made it even more special. He grew up in Ethiopia and so had a lot of helpful information for me. It was amazing to see them all again and spend time together and encourage each other. Huge role models for me in the way the serve and give. The last evening, the whole family got together and prayed for me. Deeply thankful!

I also got to meet Grayson and Kaci (and their little boy Elias) who will be with me in South Sudan for the year. It was so good to meet them and get to know each other beforehand. So excited to see them again in July!

What‘s next?

I‘ve made it back home, grateful to be here again, had some welcoming first days. The next weeks I will have to read a lot, meet up with people, take photos on a wedding and preach in two churches. Just back to a classic home assignment:) But it‘s not super busy, so I‘d love to share with you, your church, your small group, … If you‘d want me to come, just send me a quick message.

God bless you all and thanks for all your support.


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Stay updated!

Pray for:


- For the rains that have finally started! It has been a great refreshment.

- For a very good, though short break in Kenya.


- For more rain. The fields have been prepared and need rain. Pray for continuous rains, that the sorghum would grow and people will get a good harvest.

- For the video projects that God would lead and guide us to bring glory to Him.

- For the family who has lost a daughter, a mother and a friend. For the little girls who have lost their mother. For comfort, hope and perspective in this hard time!

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