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Saying Goodbye

Now it's almost time, only a good week left and I'll be on the plane to Kenya. I am really enjoying the last days here in the beautiful Südpfalz (my home) and I’m able to say goodbye.

A wide open country

Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar. [Isaiah 33:17, NIV]

This verse is on my prayer cards and slowly it is becoming reality. I am heading to a wide open country, a huge continent, lots of untouched nature. And I am sure that I will see the King [Jesus] there in His beauty.

But also to you I wish that in your everyday life you will be able to slow down from time to time and see Jesus. He is not only in Africa or not only in Germany. He is the creator of the universe and as Paul puts it in Colossians 1:16, all things were created through him and for him (to his glory). He is the center of this world and to him we are and remain connected!

Tourist guide to say goodbye

Friday afternoon I returned from Scotland, Saturday morning a friend from the US came to visit. What might sound like a stressful program, was in fact just the opposite. We went hiking, enjoyed good food and met up with friends.

The amazing thing is that by showing her my home country, I got to say goodbye to it myself. I might not have seen some places that I’ve seen now and so it was just a perfect opportunity.

Sent out

Last Sunday I was sent out by my church, which means the church prayed for me and blessed me. It was a beautiful service and I got to speak to so many people, even with people I didn't know until then. But the highlight for me was the initiative of my teens (youth group aged 12-15). With the slogan "Waffle for you, donation for Matze", they baked waffles upon waffles and though that supported my work. Sooo sweet, huge thanks to you guys!!! :)

Clear roads

The last weeks were filled with emails, phone calls and organizational stuff. But I was able to finish most of my paperwork. My visa is in place, my vaccination certificates are all online, and so on. From that point of view, I can now look forward to this traveling in a really relaxed way.

Visit to Osnabrück

One of my last invitations led me to Osnabrück (northern Germany), where I was able to share about my work in the SMD (Student-Mission Germany). It was an amazing day. 2 students showed me around Osnabrück. Then we were invited to dinner at another students' house.

In the evening the whole group met, where I was sharing my story to mission and then tell more about South Sudan, for which we prayed together. Afterwards we had a bonfire. I had so many good conversations and encounters! What a great group up there, thank you for the invitation :)

See you

If you want to say goodbye to me personally, I’d love to see you on Sunday, July 3rd in Landau at the erlebt church. (Marie-Curie-Straße 3, 76829 Landau) Just come by, somewhen between 2pm and 10pm, with or without letting me know, for 5 minutes or 5 hours. I look forward to seeing you there. If you want to come and grill with us, please bring your own food. I would also appreciate some salad and cake donations, feel free to let me know if you plan on bringing something. Thanks to you if you already offered to help out!

If you can't come, I wish you all the best here in Germany or wherever home is for you!:) I'm sure we haven't seen each other for the last time and just as an old German children's story (Pink Panther) ends, so is it with me: I'll be back, without a doubt! In the meantime I am not out of the world. I look forward to hearing from you, whether via Whatsapp, Instagram, email or through a classic letter. We will for sure stay in contact!

God bless you and see you soon,


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Stay updated!

Pray for:


- For all that God has been doing these past weeks! Praise and glory be to Him alone!

- For a good vacation, rest and time with my sister.


- For the local leaders of our churches. It’s not easy to leave the old behind completely. Pray for strength in times of temptation.

- For the new set focus areas. Pray that I would make the most of my time here and be a light in this place.

- For Maam & I as we think about where God wants us to go. Pray for wisdom and His guidance in those decisions.

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